Tha Rookie with the Veteran Sound

The middle child stuck between two brothers, it was hard for the rapper known now as Tha Rookie to voice his opinion, especially after his parents left him feeling distraught after their divorce. Instead of continuing to bottle up his feelings, he was inspired by the American hip hop coming through his older brother’s speakers. The likes of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg gave him the push he needed. Soon enough Tha Rookie was quiet no more. Now an emcee with a way to speak his mind, he started writing rhymes and being a part of the hip hop movement in the Netherlands.

His way with words come natural as he notes he makes music as a fan and someone who truly appreciates the art of music. He said, “I make what I feel is missing, and what feels right to me. I try not to be politically correct, just reflect and out my perceptions of the world. Whether I make a conscious song or a non-topic record.” Adding that when he was growing up, he had a rebellious spirit that made him refuse to sound mainstream. Which is likely why he respects Kendrick Lamar’s unique take on the genre.

Writing what pops into his head most of the time, Tha Rookie has dropped a few of records since 2008, including a couple as a collaborative effort. Over the next two years he’ll release even more; two more group efforts in 2017, along with a solo single later this year, and a solo album in 2018. For now though, listeners can find solace in his current releases like “Leave Me Alone,” which he says “embodies my feelings towards people that don't add to what you stand for.” There is also “I Put It Down” which was penned during a time he felt the hip hop scene was lacking creativity. All in all, Tha Rookie makes music that not only lifts moods, but also makes listeners see reality a little bit clearer. Having performed on a global level from his native Netherlands to South America and even New York, Tha Rookie has made an impression wherever he’s set foot on a stage. In fact it was his stage presence that led him to winning the rounds in 2009. In the coming months hip hop fans can expect to hear a lot more from Tha Rookie. No dates set yet, but a few releases throughout the year are on the table - so look out.




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